BBOS T-Shirts

Bring Back Our Sonics T-Shirts are better than ever using the highest-quality silk-screening process and 3 applications of ink to insure the brightest and longest-lasting colors.  For a limited time, we are offering our Shirts with Free Shipping or they can be picked up at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma on BRING BACK OUR SONICS Night – Wednesday, June 27, 2012.  These high-quality shirts are just $25 apiece from small to 2XL.  If you need a 3XL shirt or larger, please inquire about special pricing.


Be sure to specify size wanted

Bring Back Our Sonics

Chris Hansen admires the Bring Back Our Sonics T-Shirts

4 thoughts on “BBOS T-Shirts

    • I don’t know for sure on that because I’ve never asked to have one made. I did order one 4XL and it’s $35.00. 5XL would probably be very similar price – maybe a couple dollars more. Are you going to the Rainiers game tomorrow? I can bring the 4XL T-Shirt if you want to check the size.

    • I will have to create a separate link for a 3X T-Shirt. These are Hanes Black T’s and they do not come in a Tall or Taller version, but we’ve sold 2X, 3X, and 4X sizes before and everyone has told us that they fit fine. A 3X T-Shirt is $30 and this month we are shipping for no extra charge. Thank you for your inquiry.

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