Donate to Bring Back Our Sonics

We have been working hard to Bring Back Our Sonics ever since it became clear that we could no longer Save Our Sonics.  We are a Grassroots Sonics’ fan group who officially started “Bring Back Our Sonics” in February 2011, although we had been active individually or in different groups for many years before that.  We would love to have a bigger presence at Rallies and fan events, but it takes some money to make signs, banners, posters, flyers, T-Shirts, etc, and to continue to have a presence at City Council and County Council Meetings and generally make our voices heard.  If you would like to help us to accomplish some of our goals including the main one of bringing the Seattle SuperSonics back to town, please consider giving a donation here.  Anything that you can afford is fine: $5 or $10 can help a lot – heck even $2 or $3 is very much appreciated.  Thank you for helping us to get it done.  We appreciate you.

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